From 1991 to 1993, Craso Error performed versions of Argentine folk music in which the original melodies, removed from their harmonies and traditional accompaniments, were recast on rock-based textures with unusual rhythmic and harmonic contours. The results of this approach were presented extensively in BA’s independent circuit and can be heard in Promesas vanas, which includes 12 of these songs. Hear some samples through the links below.

Alejandro Fritz guitar
Costa Catopodis bass
Gustavo Ridilenir alto sax
Nico Cota percussion
Omar Núñez bass
Pablo Alvarado guitar
Santiago Vazquez drums and percussion
Sebastián Zubieta voice, arrangements
Zamba de Lozano
El arriero va
La flor azul
Zamba del grillo
Zamba de la viuda

They also produced a music video on
La arenosa, directed by Jorge Edelstein.

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