Among the stars
The face
Nothing but the dress
Sebastián has composed the music for the following independent films:
Among the Stars
Meet one of the most unique theatre groups in America, through this documentary feature directed and shot by Academy Award winner cinematographer Don Lenzer. We access an extraordinary and unfamiliar world as a troupe of learning-challenged adults prepare their version of Cyrano de Bergerac for the stage
The Face
Dawoud Bey, a renowned African American artist featured at the Whitney Biennial 2000, captures the faces of American teenagers with a giant Polaroid camera. This film reveals the artists’ work rhythms and the relationships he forges with his teen subjects who ponder their identities while posing for the portraits. Directed by Darko Lungulov.
Nothing but the Dress
Alexandria is getting married in 5 days and she’s just found her wedding dress: it’s vintage, possibly cursed and unleashes a collision course of desire. Written and directed by Amala Lane, recent graduate from Columbia University's prestigious MFA film program, who has also directed a UN-funded documentary about the sexual exploitation of teens in post-Soviet Latvia. NBTD features Erin James and Jans Rasmussen.

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